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Veeam replication

Post by gsubhash@in.rm.com »

Just wondered if someone can answer a few questions for me regarding Veeam replication.

1. Once a virtual machine has been replicated, can the replicant server be left powered on?
2. As part of the replication process can the machine name be changed so, it is different from the source machine?

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Re: Veeam replication

Post by veremin »

1. Correct, it's left shutdown by default
2. Correct, and replication job wizard allows you to do that automatically

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Re: Veeam replication

Post by Andreas Neufert »

For 1. you asked if the target server can be left powered on...

By default the VM replication VM target needs to stay always offline. If online changes will be written to the VM and replication could not handle the situation.
In case of an emergency you can do a failover in Veeam. This allows you later to failback and commit failback within Veeam (replicate only the change back).
Or in case the whole Veeam infrastructure is down, you can just enable the replication VM or select one of the snapshots to boot this restore point.

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