Veeam/vCenter replica failover status out of sync

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Veeam/vCenter replica failover status out of sync

Veeam Logoby WaltDjr » Mon Apr 10, 2017 1:22 pm

Veeam 9.5
vCenter 6.5
I am not new to Veeam but I am new to using replicas and failover. We recently stood up a secondary backup data center in another building onsite and I have setup replication to that site without any problems. I tried to test a manual failover of a not so important server to just learn how it all works. I did not have such a great experience in my first attempt. When the replica came online and the production VM was shutdown, vCenter decided to commit suicide. I tried undoing the failover but because vCenter was down, obviously it couldn't do it so I had to go directly into the vmWare host and shut one down on DR and bring production back up. Even though the undo failed, it still "marked" the replica as no longer being active. Then I had to restore vCenter to get it back up and functioning. Everything is up and going but Veeam now will randomly decide that the replica is in failover mode again when vCenter still shows production running. Even when I go back in and undo failover now that vCenter is backup, it fails because it's not actually running the replica. Again, it won't show as active but then I'll get a replication job failure stating that it's in failover again when it's not. Is there anyone to clear this without deleting the replica and having Veeam recopy it back over?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. It's not really breaking anything but it's becoming annoying.

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Re: Veeam/vCenter replica failover status out of sync

Veeam Logoby v.Eremin » Mon Apr 10, 2017 2:14 pm

Can you try to remove this replica from configuration and re-map replication job to it afterwards? If this does not help, I'd suggest reaching our support team and letting them correct product db (it must have messed up during vCenter failure). Thanks.
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