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VeeaMover: potential bug found

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think I found a potential bug using v12 VeeaMover regardings location tags.

A SOBR with 2 extents was connected to the VBR-old server (v12 GA).

First both extents were set up/registered at the VBR-new (v12 GA; with search for plus reimport of existing backups) and the location set according to the new name style (old: "AT/cityname" / new: "cityname" - without quotes in VBR).

Afterwards the SOBR was newly created on the VBR-new (SOBR location set to "cityname") and the backups/chains listed in Disk (Imported) updated to the v12 format.

Then the backups were moved using VeeaMover from the former extents to extents on another, different SOBR - with the warning message that there would be a potential souvereignity problem - VBR was complaining that the "Original location" tag would be "AT/cityname" which is of course not identical with "Target location" tag "cityname" that is used name convention on the VBR-new.

It looks like as if the VeeaMover still reads out the old location tags the source extents forming the SOBR were registered with them on VBR-old - while the new tags when setting up those extents on new SOBR on VBR-new are somehow ignored.

Think that is not the expected behaviour?

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Re: VeeaMover: potential bug found

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Hi Claus,

Did you already open up a support case for this? As I'm sure we'll need logs to see what has happened and what is going on.
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