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VeeamZip - Creating Snapshot but never did

Post by JBDive » Oct 01, 2012 1:08 am

I was testing VeeamZip and Veeam in general to see how it works on an ESXi 4.0 server and it didn't go so well. I created a job, it logged into the ESXi server, the VSphere client showed a "Creating Snapshot" but that is as far is it went, Veeam errored out and it has left ESXi in the same state, "creating snapshot". There is no new snapshot in snapshot manager, I see nothing new in the Datastore.

I opened a case, 5218492, and am cool with waiting for somebody to review the logs to get Veeam working for me however my main concern right now is this stuck "Creating Snapshots" on my ESXi production server that I need to do other support task to such as deleting two snapshots and running patch updates.

Any ideas here other than bouncing the ESXi server to clear this stuck process?

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Re: VeeamZip - Creating Snapshot but never did

Post by Gostev » Oct 01, 2012 10:27 pm

Hi James, I rarely say this - first time this year, in fact - but in this case, you should definitely open a support case with VMware, as the issue you are seeing is completely unrelated to Veeam. Thing is, all VeeamZIP does when creating the VM snapshot is it calls the exact same snapshot creation Sphere API function as the actual vSphere Client uses (namely CreateSnapshot), and all the rest is handled by the ESXi host itself. The problem here is that your host is unable to process this command correctly due to some issue, and VMware support should be able to see the actual issue preventing it from doing so by looking at the ESXi logs - as well as advice you on the best resolution. Thanks!

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