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virtual lab networking

Post by benwaynet »

I can't seem to get the networking right to spin up a virtual lab.

I can't even ping the proxy appliance. It has a IP of which is on the production side. I have other servers on that network and I can ping them from the veeam sever and my workstation, both the veeam server and my workstations are on different subnets as the proxy appliance.

Should be able to ping from other networks?

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Re: virtual lab networking

Post by Gostev »

If you have routing setup correctly on your production network, then yes of course.

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Re: virtual lab networking

Post by Cokovic »

We had a similar issue with our network here. In our case it was a routing issue cause of the many networks and vlans we got. Our solution was to place the proxy appliance in the same subnet and vlan as the Veeam Server where we setup the virtual lab. Now it works like a charm.

Is there a firewall between your networks?
Did you check your routing with traceroute to see if this causes your problem?

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Re: virtual lab networking

Post by monkeymagic79 »

We had the same issues and we had to put the proxy appliance in the same network as the Veeam backup server also to fix the issue.

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Re: virtual lab networking

Post by JohnGoss »

I found the first time I needed to login to the proxy appliance and ping an IP outside of the local network (e.g. my production DNS server). The router then learned of the device and I could then ping the proxy appliance from my production network.

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