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VirtualLab, unable to resolve default network settings

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Hi all,

After reading docs, searching this forum, reading the FAQ I can't find an answer for a problem I never came accross during last years, and before wasting support time and I come to you.
I've made many (hundreds) installs of Veeam but never encountered that situation.

I have a simple setup (One VM acting as Veeam B&R Console/Enterprise Manager, two VMs acting as BackupProxy + Repository using hotadd), backuping 150VMs.
One production network and Veeam VMs are in the same subnet (RFC1918 compliant) as ESXi 5.0 management IPs.

Everything works well but I can't use basic settings in virtual lab creation. It tells me "Unable to resolve default network settings". After configuring the advanced mode (defining isolation network, production network and so on) everything is ok.

The fact is, I can't sleep until I know what is causing trouble, or what is the limitation of automatic network settings discovery.
Is there logs I can look at ?

Please save my saoul :-)
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Re: VirtualLab, unable to resolve default network settings

Post by foggy »

Eric, perhaps, there are some subtle configurations that cannot be correctly detected by Basic mode. Though, according to our QC, there are no strictly defined conditions currently known that could cause inability to autodetect network settings. If you would like to find out the specific reason in your case, you can contact support team directly and provide full logs for investigation. Thanks.
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Question on Virtual Lab

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I setup quite a few virtual labs in the past but come across something pretty strange yesterday.

The environment consists of a ESXi 4.1 host that is managed by a vCenter.
On that ESXi host, we setup an isolated network (10.14.14.x) with no VMKernel as a fake production network to test Virtual Lab for AD and SQL AIR.
For the Veeam Backup Server, we connected it to both the isolated network and a backup network (192.168.14.x).
The Veeam then points to a DNS that is inside the isolated network.

When I try to setup a Virtual Lab which resides on the fake production network, after the Proxy page, it checks the network settings and prompts a message saying "Unable to resolve default network settings". If I continue by choosing Advanced and configuring the network settings, it successfully sets up a Virtual Lab.

So the real question is what does Veeam check for when a Virtual Lab is deployed?
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