Host-based backup of VMware vSphere VMs.
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VM MSSQL Backup Copy Job Continuously Runs

Post by EricinIT »

For a Veeam VM MSSQL Backup Copy job in immediate mode, the backup copy continuously runs. I'm just curious why.

The Veeam VM backup job has the MSSQL server in it with guest processing enabled for the SQL log truncation only. It is NOT set to back up the transaction logs every so often. This backup job runs 1 time per day. There is a backup copy job in immediate mode without the transaction log checkbox selected that copies this Veeam backup job. The backup copy job continuously runs though. It does restart every so often and notes a warning "Task was not processed in the current session."

I feel I'm missing something but isn't immediate mode only supposed to copy if there's new data? Why would a VM MSSQL immediate backup copy continue to run and display this warning?
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Re: VM MSSQL Backup Copy Job Continuously Runs

Post by Mildur »

Hi Eric
The backup copy job continuously runs though
This is unexpected.
If you don't copy transaction logs, the copy job should only after your image level backup job.
Can you please open a case with our customer support and let them check the logs? The logs should tell us if something is wrong here.
Please don't forget your case number for my reference.

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