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VM restore generates new MAC

Post by omatlock » Sep 19, 2017 8:32 pm

Hello folks,

We notice that when restoring a VM to a different network along side existing VM under same vCenter generates a new MAC.
I add _restored to the VM name suffix to tell the difference, but on separate isolated network.

The software license on this VM is tied to the MAC and does not start up.
If I restore it to a different vCenter/vSphere the MAC stays the same.

Any suggestions? Change the MAC on the VM manually?

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Re: VM restore generates new MAC

Post by dellock6 » Sep 24, 2017 5:08 pm

this is a long time topic in VMware. vSphere assigns randomly generated mac addresses to any vm, anytime they are registered. It may seems that the mac is static only because, once the vm is created or registered, the mac stays the same until you change it forcefully from vCenter, or you de-register the vm. The only solution is to indeed set a static mac address in the vm and update the license accordingly. This static address will be replicated by Veeam then. Just be careful if the destination is inside the same vcenter, there may be some error trown out...
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