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vm warning removing snapsho

Post by bubbawny »

HI folks:

I'm a new customer. We have (3) VMs (W2012) running on an ESXI 5.5 Update 1 host. We are running VEEAM B&R 7.

The job history shows that the backups of the (3) VMs completes with warnings. All it says is that there was a problem removing the snapshot for one of the VMs.

I can manually go in and remove the temporary snapshots using VMWARE management tools with no error. If I do not do this, they just keep building up, taking more storage.

I don't know where to look to see what the issue is. The warning on the VEEAM job report shows no details that are helpful.

Is there a detail log somewhere about this to see why it's failing or what the exact root problem is?

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Re: vm warning removing snapsho

Post by foggy »

There are job debug logs that are likely to tell the reason, please ask support for assistance in reviewing them. (It would be great if you could update this thread with support case ID number for further reference.)

Btw, what patch level are you on with Veeam B&R v7?

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