Host-based backup of VMware vSphere VMs.
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VMware Backup Infrasture on v6

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We currently have v5 deployed and i am going to upgrade to v6, as the infrastucture in v6 (proxy's) has changed im going to look at the best / recommended way of backing up my vm's (i was going to start with a clean sheet).

We have a couple of HP EVA FC SAN's (where the vmdk are) and wanting to back these up to a couple of HP MSA FC SAN's, i want to use Direct SAN Access mode if possible to speed up the backup, and im not sure if i should use virtual proxy's / repositories or physical proxy's / repositories.

I would like to leverage the new features in v6 (1 click file restore, surebackup etc), can anyone sugest the best way of doing this

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Re: Backup Infrasture on v6

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For direct SAN access with FC SAN, you have to use physical servers - there are no options. Does not sound like you have reviewed the sticky FAQ topic (since this is covered there), so I would recommend starting from that.

As far as new v6 features, none of them require special considerations to use, but of course I still recommend going through the User Guide to get a better understanding.

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