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Vsphere Intergration after failure

Post by Michael64 »

Recently had a vsphere controller lock us out, it wasn't accepting domain accounts and local passwords were not working either.
As a result the appliance had to be replaced.
So far so good.
Two issues resulted when adding new controller to veeam.

1. Attempting to remove existing failed controller resulted in a message box detailing all the jobs still being used by this controller.
The problem was that the box was so long it exceeded the length of the screen so I was unable to click the ok button at the bottom of the box, had to use task manger to kill veeam.

2.Attempting to transfer jobs to new controller was taking 3 minutes to time out trying to find the controller.
There needs to be a quick way to reassign jobs to a new controller.

To solve this issue I deleted the database and recreated all the jobs.
Yes, there may be a way for support to rewrite the jobs but as it was a time critical issue there was no time for a support case resolution.
Hope technical can look at these issues and make a great product even better.


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Re: Vsphere Intergration after failure

Post by veremin »

You're talking about vCenter appliance, right? If so, next time you face similar issue make sure to use this utility. It allows you to migrate existing jobs between vCenter servers. Thanks!

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