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vSphere v6.7 U3 and SureBackup

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Just posting this in case it helps someone else.
I upgraded a host this morning to vSphere v6.7 U3 which seemed to work fine.
We had an error in one of our SureBackup jobs that ran the previous weekend, so I followed my usual procedure to re-run the job, just in case it was a transient error (e.g. something timed out).
Now somewhere in that process, the SureBackup job failed again. The error this time was "No host is compatible with the virtual machine".
After some investigation I found that all my SureBackup virtual lab VMs were not linked to any host within vCenter any longer. They existed in the list of VMs on the left-hand-side of the screen within vCenter (within a SureBackup resource group folder) but when looking at ESXi hosts and their VM tab, didn't show up. Weird?!
I dragged each SureBackup virtual lab VM to the recently-upgraded ESXi host (i.e. like you would when dragging a VM for a vMotion task) and they re-registered themselves with the host.
Then I re-ran the SureBackup job again and it worked just fine.
I suspect, but cannot prove, that this happened because of the timing of my host upgrade and when I first tried to re-run the SureBackup job. I think that maybe, when I fired up the SureBackup job for the first re-run, that the host was still in Maintenance Mode. Can't prove it though.

UPDATE: after that 'fix' I was able to re-run the failed SureBackup job again and it worked fine. I'm reasonably convinced that this was triggered by running SureBackup when the host which had the SureBackup virtual lab VMs was in maintenance mode. Suspect that it tried to register them with other hosts and that this didn't work properly.
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Re: vSphere v6.7 U3 and SureBackup

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I just wanted to say thanks and glad you did post, I had something very similar, and your post pointed me in the direction to get it fixed! Thanks
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Re: vSphere v6.7 U3 and SureBackup

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Same thing happened to me after a 6.7u3 upgrade yesterday.

I think it was due to the vmotion back and forth to upgrade and mitigate hosts. The lab is powered off unless a surebackup job is running, and wasn't assigned to any esxi host post-upgrade. I simply dragged my surebackup lab to the correct host, then re-ran the sb job.

Thanks op!
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Re: vSphere v6.7 U3 and SureBackup

Post by stuartmacgreen »

Thanks OP for this.
Helped me out after a situation I had with a unresponsive host issue I had. And I there was a Virtual Lab VM attached to.
But it appears after the cold power off of the host, and back again it was no longer registered.
Drag and drop fixed it.

BTW this is vSphere 7.0 landscape.
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Re: vSphere v6.7 U3 and SureBackup

Post by terminator »


I dont think this is version specific.
I had same issue on esxi 7.x

Just mgrate the veem proxy to the host that the test-networks are defined

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