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[Feature Request] Warnings if Included SCSI LUNs dont exist

Post by fs.geoffk » Aug 15, 2018 1:46 pm


I recently had a VMWare issue (locked vmdks) which meant I had to throw away the VM and reattach its disks to a new VM. I also had to remove and readd the VM inside my Veeam backup jobs and recreated the SCSI LUNS exclusions (we have separate backup jobs for the OS drive / Data drive(s)) so they matched the original VM configuration. Unknown to me VMWare had decided to renumber these SCSI LUNs when the vmdks were attached to my replacement VM. This resulted in Veeam backing up either nothing (because no disk had the SCSI LUN I had specified) or the wrong disk entirely. Worse still, there was nothing obvious from the logging. Unless I looked at the contents of the backups (something we do regularly fortunately) I would of assumed it was working correctly.

Feature Request

I'd like Veeam to tell me if there's a non existent disk specified in the config as soon as it is configured (why even list SCSI LUNs the VM does not possess?). I'd like to know if a disk suddenly goes missing as well. Bonus points if it can warn me if a disk has obviously changed (Volume GUID or Disk UUID perhaps?).


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Re: [Feature Request] Warnings if Included SCSI LUNs dont ex

Post by foggy » Aug 16, 2018 1:52 pm

Hi Geoff, thanks for this request, makes sense.

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