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Weekly FULLs with retention policy - how to best setup

Post by sound »

Howdy all.
I'm struggling with how best to send a FULL of a backup to a repo with a retention policy.

My scenario is that I need to create a "weekly full" of server to a repo with no incrementals and retain 4 weeks of these fulls whereby the on the 5th week, the oldest weekly full is removed. I have been searching the forum and reading docs, but am not finding where I can best setup the retention policy.

I was looking at creating a local backup job for this particular server which simply runs every day with incrementals and a retention policy of 2 weeks. Then, create a separate backup copy job that runs weekly pointed at this daily backup job but set the 'Weekly backup:' to 4 and set the Restore points to keep also at 4?

I also looked at just using GFS in the original daily backup job, but if I use the weekly option in GFS set to 4, how does that affect the 'Retention policy:' setting in the job? Do I need to set that to something older than 4 weeks like 5 restore points and have this job run once weekly like on Saturdays?

Anyway, i'm getting tripped up with how the various retention policies all relate to each other, how GFS is dependant on the job's retention policy, etc.

I'm just looking for a simple way to create a job that runs once a week with no incrementals and manages its retention policy to 4 FULLS, that's it. Should be simple, but I could use some advice from someone who has that setup.

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Re: Weekly FULLs with retention policy - how to best setup

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Hi Will, the simplest would be to just schedule the job to run weekly (i.e. select 'Daily' and choose one of the days) and configure active full to be performed on that day. This way each time the job will run (once a week) it will create an active full and maintain the required number of restore points.

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