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Why VBRfree9.5 is much faster than VMware Converter?

Post by Hariseldon1 »

I have two ESXi hosts running eval licenses (both host have local hard drive storage)

I am moving offline VMs from the old Host to the new Host

The fastest way I have found is power off the VMs and use VBRfree9.5 to copy+paste folders of virtual machines to the new host

Versus... "VMware vCenter Converter Standalone"
(yes I have SSL disabled on worker service)

The difference in moving data (and I am strictly MOVING data, no reconfiguration) is astounding:
1) VM conversion using VMware Converter = up to 13.96 MB/s
2) VM copy+paste using VBRfree9.5 = up to 90+ MB/s

keep in mind I'm a home power user, so speeds indicate that I am using SATA3 drives by Western Digital "Gold"

Why is VBRfree9.5 so much faster for moving data?

Andreas Neufert
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Re: Why VBRfree9.5 is much faster than VMware Converter?

Post by Andreas Neufert »

We have developed the FastSCP feature over 10 years ago and didn‘t stopped there.

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