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Windows FLR "Restore", max number of files?

Post by knuter »


When doing Windows FLR and using "Restore" and not "CopyTo", is there a maximum number of files you should do?
In my environment using "Restore" starts with an okay speed, but then just keeps going slower and slower... down to the point of 22KB/s after 17 hours at which point i canceled the job.
Mapping the c$ share of the VM and using "CopyTo" completes the job in 20 min. The restore contains nearly 12 000 files which in total is 5,4GB.

I opened a support case, 00188135, but the solution was that I shouldn't use "Restore" in FLR, but "CopyTo" for large amounts of files. Is this correct?
If so then I'm curious if people use Veeam for their file servers? Our helpdesk some times get cases where users accidentally delete a folder on the file server (or moves it and can't find it again). I wish for our helpdesk to have the same procedure and preferably the most simple one, whether a single file needs to be restored or a folder containing several files.


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Re: Windows FLR "Restore", max number of files?

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Hi, I will check on the reason for slowdown with R&D. Thanks!

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