Host-based backup of VMware vSphere VMs.
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ZFS repository and deduplication

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Hi there, am I getting a better dedup ratio with active or synthetic full backups to a ZFS Storage? Makes it sense to set the target to „WAN“ for a better ratio with smaller blocks than LAN target?

What registry I have to set to enable fastclone to non ReFs SMB shares ? In the article is mentioned that this could be changed.

Actual Settings:
Active Full
Disabled In-line dedup
LAN Target
Per machine backup
Uncompress is active
Align backup file is active

128k block size vdev
Dedup and compression is active

I know that It will cause RAM usage on the repo. But should be fine with 128k record size🙂
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Re: ZFS repository and deduplication

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Hi, changing block size in Veeam won't make any difference as ZFS dedupe is external to Veeam.
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