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Azure Storage Problems

Post by badams » May 09, 2018 11:02 pm

Hi everyone. I am not sure if I should just ask this here, because it is a very non-specific issue. It is more about my not knowing much about Azure than it does about how Veeam uses it.

But, given I am a Microsoft Partner, I do get $100 of storage space monthly and since Azure works seamlessly with Veeam, I would be stupid to not use it. But, that's the problem. I am stupid.

When I opened my Azure account with Microsoft, it was completely overwhelming. I set up simple storage with a Blob, I believe, but when I went through the Veeam Azure wizard, it didn't find the storage. After reading a lot, it seemed I needed to use a VM (an Azure VM), which I did. This then allowed Veeam's wizard to find it and use it, but I am not confident I know what I am doing. Plus, it is making the cost around $135 monthly, and I am only backing a fairly small amount of data.

I suppose I would be best off learning more about Azure and setting it up correctly. So, I am not sure if I am asking in the right place. Any help, though, would be appreciated.


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