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Backup / Copy Job over WAN

Veeam Logoby agrob » Mon Aug 11, 2014 1:02 pm

Good day

We have a datacenter (headquarter) where we already use veeam br for esx. now in one of the branch offices we start to place a hyper v host (single server). on this 2-3 virtual machines will be running. connection beteween branch and head is a vpn connection with about 1mbit upload from branch to head. (i know very small bandwith)

1. my plan is now to configure a backup job on the veeam backup server (resides in the datacenter in our headquarter). this job does backup those vms on the hyperv host localy (on the branch office) to dediated disks on the hyper v host or to a nas box. this should not be a problem over the wan connection. so we have the whole data there in case of bigger restores / instant recovery.
2. after backup is taken, i would like to use a copy job to copy the protected data to our datacenter over the wan connection. WAN latency is about 40 - 80ms.

I know the backup time depends on the wan connection and the daily changed data which i see in the backup job.

Questions now:
1. has someone a similar situation with same bandwith and can share some experience?
2. i guess the wan acceleration which is available with the enterprise plus version would make sence?
3. if i have for example riverbad already in place, would it make sense to use the wan acceleartion from veeam on top of that?
4. licensing. we have enterprise license for our datacenter. (esx) now if i buy enterprise plus i cant use the same backupserver/enterprisemanager. is that right? i have two options:
a) run all on enterprise version (no wan acceleration) or update the existing licences to enterprise plus generates more costs even if we do not need the plus license for our esx installation. (apart from that yearly maintenance is also more expensive)
b) i create a new backup server for the hyper v environment and use the enterprise plus licenes there

thanks for any feedback

best regards
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Re: Backup / Copy Job over WAN

Veeam Logoby foggy » Mon Aug 11, 2014 2:42 pm

Hello, Andre.

Yes, using WAN acceleration is recommended in this case, since it was designed specifically for slow and busy links with little bandwidth available (when network is the real bottleneck). That said, you will hardly see any improvement from using both built-in WAN acceleration and any 3d party one, since there will be nothing to optimize after our WAN acceleration (so probably you'll even get worse results in terms of latency). No general purpose WAN accelerator is able to provide traffic savings comparable to Veeam B&R built-in acceleration as it is specifically tuned for Veeam-specific backup data traffic transfer.

Regarding licensing, you'd better contact your Veeam sales representative for available options (here's another similar discussion regarding that).
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