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Unable to configure deleted VM's in Surebackup job

Post by MarvinSt »

Hi Team,

I've configured some SureBackup jobs at my customers environment and noticed strange behavior. I'm not sure if it's a bug or 'by design' but some improvements can be made here.
Please check the scenario below:
  • Backup Job 1
    • VM 1
    • VM 2
    • VM 3
    • VM 4 (deleted from job but latest restorepoints still available on disk)
  • SureBackup Job 1
    • Linked job Backup Job 1
During the SureBackup job all 4 VM's are spinned up and tested. The issue is that we're unable to configure or disable verification settings for VM 4 because that VM is not part of the processed VM's in Backup Job 1 anymore. We can only select/change settings for VM 1, 2 and 3.

We need a way to skip (e.g. disable network testing) VM4 even when it's not in the job configuration anymore.

Using application groups is not a solution for this because the real jobs have dozens of VM's instead of only 4. Since we cannot configure a maximum of application group VM's to spin up it will exaust our resources in no time.
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Re: Unable to configure deleted VM's in Surebackup job

Post by Mildur »

There is a feature request running for your scenario.
There should be a way to exclude vms (specially deleted) from SureBackup Jobs.

Testing deleted vms which are in the backup chain is not optimal :)

vmware-vsphere-f24/is-it-possible-to-ex ... 68-60.html

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