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Stupid question about incremental and capacity tiering

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Stupid question about incrementals and capacity tier

I’m still learning Veeam after migrating from another platform. If I have, what the description calls a:

“Backup job (Configure a regular incremental backup job)”


“Backup file maintenance- (use these settings to clean up backup jobs of VMs that are no longer included in a backup job) to remove deleted VMs data after 14 days”

“Backup schedule active full backups periodically- weekly on Saturdays”

“Scheduled to run automatically - Daily at 2:00 pm everyday.” And it’s set to “retry failed VMs processing 3 times. Wait 10min to retry”. But I don’t see a .vib daily...

“Restore points to keep is set to 30”

What is this supposed to look like?

It was explained to me we’d see a .vbk full backup every Saturday (So 4 .VBK per month?)

with a .vib incremental every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. (So 25 .VIB per month?)

But looking at on prem storage and using online calculators I just don’t see this. I don’t see a .vib every day. I do see a .vbk every Saturday though... looking on-prem again I currently see a .vib occurred on a Sunday? And then another time there was no .vib for a Monday? Is the job perhaps failing and that could be what’s causing my confusion?

To top it off, in the middle of last month I decided to enable capacity tiering... and I have no idea what that’s supposed to be doing every 14 or 30 days yet.

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Re: Stupid question about incremental and capacity tiering

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It certainly sounds as if your daily incremental backups aren't consistently occurring for some reason. You're correct that you should see a daily .vib in the targeted VBR repository Sunday-Friday. Do you see errors in the AHV proxy web UI "events" tab?
Regarding capacity tiering, it will offload backup chains from your disk repository that 1) exceed the tiering (days) threshold you set on the scale out backup repository setup 2) are "sealed" with a full backup and are part of an independent chain. Refer to https://helpcenter.veeam.com/docs/backu ... ml?ver=100 for a complete explaination

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