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Re: My Veeam Report v9.5.1

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Hi John,

For some reason I cannot open Shawn's blog. Seems like his tenant is no longer available.
So, I cannot see what is needed to be changed there precisely to help you.
However, here is the option you can try:

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Get-VBRComputerBackupJobSession | select Id, JobId, Status, Result
As far as I see, for VBRComputerBackupJob type parsed with Get-VBRComputerBackupJob NextRun property is not implemented.
For CBackupJob type retrievable with Get-VBRJob NextRun renders empty as agent jobs are no longer supported by this cmdlet.


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Re: My Veeam Report v9.5.1

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For future readers of this thread, here's the direct link to Shawn's script on GitHub:


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