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advice on inherited cloud connect server

Post by danf »

So I inherited a cloud connect server (9.5) with 3 agents deployed to three different remote customers. The customers don't have any other Veeam software running except the agents on the computers we're backing up. Besides checking every day if a job was successful or not, I can't see any way to discern anything about these jobs, no statistics, nothing. If someone could point me in the right direction there, that'd be awesome. We don't use any of the functionality of this cloud connect server though. It seems overly cumbersome to maintain it since we're essentially just performing remote backups. Is it possible to use an agent and a normal BR server over the WAN instead of messing with the whole cloud connect thing?

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Re: advice on inherited cloud connect server

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and welcome to the forums.

Yes, VCC is just the endpoint of the service provider. The Veeam Service Provider console would be the product to really manage the agent. But for three agents, the question is, whether it's worth it.

You probably want to secure your environment and avoid putting a full VBR server Windows directly on the internet. Remember that NAT is not really supported. VPN could be an alternative.

We have extra VCSP forums... could you please register for them? veeam-backup-replication-f2/applying-to ... 55488.html - then I would move the request to the right forum.

Best regards,

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Re: advice on inherited cloud connect server

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Hi Dan,

Also, Veeam Service Provider Console helps you to monitor the jobs centrally and manage the agent jobs from one UI.
VSPC brings a lot of possibilities to you, so maybe it worth it :)


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