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Can't backup or rescan server: "backup is in progress"

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Support Case #04378553

We cannot add a server to our backup job. This server was backed up previously, but due to a repository change we had to make a full backup. The backup took too long, which caused the server to freeze during the morning. We had to cold boot the server, since then we've tried everything to reinstall the agent / readd the server.

The troubleshooting steps we took were:
- Remove the backup job and protection group
- Remove agent and all other Veeam bits from the server, such as all Veeam folders under program files and program data
- Restart the server
- Create new protection group and backup job

Whenever we rescan this server or try to apply the backup configuration, Veeam keeps reporting:
"Skipping [servername]: backup is in progress"
"Failed to install package: backup is in progress on target host"

This is similar behavior as in veeam-agent-for-windows-f33/failed-to-i ... 53786.html
For us, however, setting up new Protection Groups or doing a Manual Rescan doesn't do anything to solve the issue.

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Re: Can't backup or rescan server: "backup is in progress"

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Hi Marc,

Perhaps, it happens due to an obsolete entry of backup session in Veeam configuration database, most likely is has not been properly updated because of server reboot.
I would recommend to attach a backup of configuration database to the support case via customer portal.

Anyway, let's wait for findings of our support engineers.


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Re: Can't backup or rescan server: "backup is in progress"

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Small update: I've asked support team to review the case details, so stay tuned. Cheers!

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