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Windows ADK

Post by Irek »


I currently run a trial version of VBR v10. I have an Azure VM server to test my backups and I use the Veeam Agent to backup this machine.
The first backup has been completed with the following warning:
"Collecting recovery media files Details: Windows recovery image file not found" - which I understand is related to

My questions are:

1.Do I actually need the Veeam Recovery Media to restore Azure VM back to Azure?
2. What are the advantages of having Veeam Recovery Media?
3. Does it the Veeam Recovery Media merges with other backup files or this is a separate file?

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Re: Windows ADK

Post by Mildur » 1 person likes this post

I don‘t know about the Recovery ISO, bit there is a direct restore possibility with the help of a vbr server todo a restore from a agent backup to Azure: ... ml?ver=100

The Recovery ISO is mostly used for booting up Physical Hardware and do a bare metal recovery of this machine.

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Re: Windows ADK

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Hi Irek,

1. Mentioned above by Mildur, there is a Direct Restore to MS Azure option, a single wizard that will restore machine to Azure by only having Azure account credentials.
2. Veeam Recovery Media gives more granular control over partitions during restore - you can manually set locations\sizes of each partition. It also gives more control over drivers and tricky hardware in cases where new devices will be way different than original and\or require special drivers to operate with - like new RAID Controller for example.
3. Veeam Recovery Media is a separate .iso file that you can burn to DVD\write on USB\mount to VM to boot from it.


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