Using tape as a backup target
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File-to-tape to VTL

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OK, here it goes.
My plan is to setup a Qudastor VTL with a NEO (overland) tape library FCP attached.

My question (fear) is about exporting tapes. When you do a FILE to VTL backup with VEEAM, does VEEAM keep the tape/object in the database? If I export the Vtape out of the VTL to gain space, will VEEAM remember the tape number if I need to restore? I am assuming that if I export V to Physical tape I will maintain the same serial number on the tape. So the ultimate question is: Will VEEAM tell me "I need tape #xxxx" inserted into the library? If I need a single file or directory does VEEAM keep a record of where (which tape) it is?

Thank you in advance.

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Re: File-to-tape to VTL

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file-to-tape keeps all files in the SQL database, yes. That's why you probably want to use a SQL standard edition or better instead of the built-in SQL Express. ... ml?ver=110 - yes, there is the "required tapes" column.

The main question is the amount and size of files you try to protect with that method.

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PS: I split your question away from the other topic, as it was about something else

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Re: File-to-tape to VTL

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To make sure we are all on the same page: when you tape out with Veeam B&R to a VTL and then VTL will write on it's own to the physical tape media, Veeam B&R will show/requires tapes as they are listed/named/presented in VTL.

Say, VTL emulated media is named VTL001, the real tape media behind it is LTO009. Veeam B&R will request VTL001 when you will perform recovery.

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