Using tape as a backup target
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I/E port - tape ejection

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we are currently using Veeam Backup & Replication on a Windows Server 2019 for a backup from NAS to tape media. For this purpose we have a tape changer in use.The backup to tape works and can be performed. We've set that the ejection of the tapes should be automatically. The objective is to be able to remove the tapes.

However, we have the following problem: The error message appears that no free I/E port could be found during export. This is only a warning message. The tapes are not ejected.

What is ment by the I/E port and what setting must be made to enable tape ejection?

Basically this should not be a problem?

I would be pleased about help!

B. Schütz

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Re: I/E port - tape ejection

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When you have a tape library you can configure I/O (or mail) slots where you can place medias and can take them out of the library.
Sometimes these ports are still within the library and "virtual", sometime you have special slots within the chassis.
If this is the case for your library you can check the checkbox to "export" the media after the job run. Usually there is as well a "Vault" definition where you can track those offline medias within Veeam. ... ml?ver=110

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