Using tape as a backup target
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I love the new verify feature - but i have a question

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we are in the process of bringing a new tape library into production. Previously we just trusted a new device to be "good" as restoring all our production tapes would need 100 TB avaiable somewhere.

With the feature i found out that the new library seems to have one defective drive - fresh tapes, only written once show CRC errors every 15 TB or so, only on one of the drives. I would have never found this so easily without the verification.

The one thing i wonder is why only one drive of the tape library is used when multiple tapes are selected...


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Re: I love the new verify feature - but i have a question

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Hi mkretzer

Thanks for warm feedback, glad you liked the feature!
As for the drive usage - verification job picks a drive to use at start and sticks to it by design. If you want to utilize several drives, just start several verifications in parallel!


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