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Veeam Agent failing to send email

Post by moctad_harry »

Case ID # 03857012

Hi All,

We have lots of instances of Veeam Agent for Windows out in the wild all emailing back via the same SMTP relay (Identical config). On just one of these, every few days, email notifications will stop working, the workaround so far has been to just re-enter the SMTP address or password and it'll work for another few days again. Theres no firewall getting in the way, and works from another machine on the same LAN with a matching setup. Latest version installed, Line that comes up in the job log is:

05/11/2019 22:44:32 :: Failed to send email notification: Unable to connect to SMTP server because of invalid credentials or connection settings.

Anyone else experiencing similar issues?



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Re: Veeam Agent failing to send email

Post by ejenner »

There's probably something different about this machine. Like it has another application on it which is also emailing and locking the resources or it is on a different switch or vLAN or something. There might be some 'malware bytes' or similar software blowing away the messaging config... it appears ok in the application but behind the scenes something has removed the configuration.

Have a look at the list of installed applications compared with the machine which is working. Is there any additional security software on the machine which has the issue.

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