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How to restore backup when I cannot boot with Recovery Media?

Post by matimoto »

Hello there! I have a VPS where I can't boot from custom ISO aka Veeam Recovery Media. I can choose Debian 9 Live CD or Arch Linux to boot as a Rescue System. I can't install Veeam Agent in Debian 9 Live Tenant because of this error


So my question is simple - how can I restore backup when I can't boot my machine from VRM?

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Re: How to restore backup when I cannot boot with Recovery Media?

Post by HannesK »

can you maybe tell us which kind of virtual private server you are using? Chances are high, that bare metal restore cannot work there because the service provider uses a shared kernel (well, that should be more an issue with backup).

As for the error message: you can try to resolve the dependencies first. But not sure whether that's possible on that recovery media. ... tml?ver=40

To answer your question: customers use Azure or AWS where we have dedicated products for, or can also restore agent backups with "direct restore to AWS / Azure". Or they just boot to a fresh system and only restore the data afterwards.

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