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Re: Other OS Support (Linux, Mac)

Post by Gostev »

mfpoulsen wrote:
May 01, 2020 7:57 am
Veeam: It is not just about how much interest there is for Mac support at all (=sales)... It is about how many predominantly Windows customer sales that we miss out on due to the lack of Mac agents!
Yes, I agree with this. It makes no sense, but it's true.

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Re: Other OS Support (Linux, Mac)

Post by busitech »

Veeam: Supporting macOS is absolutely necessary. It is time to update your short term and long term plans.

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Re: Other OS Support (Linux, Mac)

Post by wishr »

Hi Busitech,

We see all the incoming requests and understand the demand ;)


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Re: Other OS Support (Linux, Mac)

Post by PTide »

@busitech, @mfpoulsen, @dpal, @mdestrez, @rra, and others interested in Mac,

User profiles on your machines - are those mostly/always local, or often redirected from some network location (how?) ?


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Re: Other OS Support (Linux, Mac)

Post by edingc »


In our organization, the Mac user profiles are local on the machine. There used to be a cobbled together rsync solution for backup that a user could opt into, but that went away sometime ago. Network drives are mounted using Enterprise Connect and users are encouraged to save documents there.

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Re: Other OS Support (Linux, Mac)

Post by teckdan »

I just need the pkg file that is urgent. Manual admin install is better for now, rather than nothing at all. We can worry about deployment scheme later.

I am literally crippled without Veeam for MacOS. I need both files and image backups. I support Mac users since 2010. 10 years without a real backup solution. I need VCSP and local destinations
PTide wrote:
Oct 23, 2018 3:46 pm

Thank you for your request. In order to better understand what customers might need should we decide to support Mac, I would like to ask what is their current workflow, and what exactly do they want to backup - files, volumes, whole machine? I would imagine those are mainly files (maybe apps), however if you would provide some input that would be great.


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