Copy interval expiration / sync now

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Copy interval expiration / sync now

Veeam Logoby dbr » Fri Jul 14, 2017 8:35 am

Hi folks,

I read a lot of using SyncNow function of backup copy jobs (helpcenter, forum posts 1 2) but I'm sorry, I just don't get it. Here's my configuration:

- Copy job with 2 day interval
- Start time 06:05pm

- 11.07.2017 06:05pm: Job started with regular new interval (no sync now).
- 11.07.2017 06:23pm: Executed sync now.
- 12.07.2017 08:25am: Job finished. Waiting for new copy interval (probably until 13.07.2017 06:05pm).
- 13.07.2017 10:05am: Forced new copy interval with sync now before latest copy interval would expire.
- 14.07.2017 05:31am: Job finished. Copy interval expired directly after job has finished.
- 14.07.2017 05:34am: Job started automatically without sync now.

Is anyone able to explain with another example how sync now works? In help center there's only an example with a 30 day interval. The sync now is executed in the first 24 hours after job start and if I understand correctly in the example the regular interval will last until 31.5. 2am but after sync now at 1pm the end of sync interval will still remain 31.5. 2am. But what is the interval end when forcing a sync on 15.5.? Does the end of interval shifts 15 days forward?

Here's what I don't unterstand in my example: First three bullet points work as described in help center. But why did the interval expire from job started at 13.07.2017 10:05 am already on 14.07.2017 05:13am and not just on 14.07.2107 at 06:05pm or even on 15.07.2107 at 06:05pm??

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Re: Copy interval expiration / sync now

Veeam Logoby DGrinev » Tue Jul 18, 2017 10:21 am

Hi Daniel,

Since you've set up interval in the backup copy job it will expire on the particular date and time and every time you press Sync Now it will start a new, shorter interval with the same expiration date and time predefined by the copy job settings.
In your case I'd ask you to contact the support team as it's important to review the logs to understand what happened during the second synchronization cycle.
Please share the case ID number here. Thanks!
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