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Feature request: notify on stuck merges

Post by mdiver » Jul 17, 2019 2:39 pm

We've seen it not only once that merges of FF jobs got stuck for some reason.
Could be poor repo design of course... :oops:

But could also be a bug like the one impacting merges on SOBRs in performance mode in 9.5 U4a. This is fixed by fix 168898 or also U4b.

Problem: we had a large SAP job merging for 100+h.
Result: no backup :( , no warning about any failure, and even worse no truncation of Oracle logs filling the log LUNs to the max. :cry:

Feature request: notification email when job hits his next scheduled window while still merging (Maybe even running at all, because this I would also consider an issue).

Or did I miss a way to get that already? Termination windows won't work, as the job could not be stopped from Veeam any more. Not even non-graceful.


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Re: Feature request: notify on stuck merges

Post by veremin » Jul 17, 2019 3:15 pm

Do you have Veeam ONE deployed? If so, you can get a notification, if job is running longer than expected (user defined time period). Thanks!

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