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Re: Job Set for 14 Mount Points - 46 exist

Post by ejenner »

Ok, not certain this is the same question.

Some more possibly relevant info:

1. It's a Windows Agent job... so the options for configuring forward and reverse incremental aren't there.
2. The configuration of this job was copied from all the other Windows Agent jobs which all have 23 files stored (19 increments, 3 full, 1 meta data)
3. Not sure whether this makes any difference but it's the same on all our jobs, we have a weekly synthetic full. For the problematic backup we have 44 increments, 1 full, 1 meta data.

I can't see why with the same settings, different results would show at the repository?

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Re: Job Set for 14 Mount Points - 46 exist

Post by foggy »

Then what are the schedule settings for this job?

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