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Log rotation for GNU/Linux backup repositories

Post by wane »

We have several Linux repositories in use, which all write the logs to a separate partition under /var/log/VeeamBackup/. The partition has been resized several times now, and now each partition is 15GB. It seems that the logs do not rotate and the logs continue to grow.

(1) how do you deal with log growth?
(2) how can I rotate the logs? Quite normal with logrotate?

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Re: Log rotation for GNU/Linux backup repositories

Post by PetrM »

Hi Walter,

Please take a look at this KB, it contains the instruction for log rotation settings depending on repository type.
In case of Linux repositories, you can control log file size and the number of logs using the parameters: AgentMaxLogSize and AgentMaxLogCount.

Please make sure that you're running the version 10 to apply the settings from KB.


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