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I recently upgraded from Veeam 10 to Veeam 11. One feature that has been changed is the Month-End processing within the GFS feature. In version 9.5 and 10 I was able to select a specific day to process my Month-End backups. I used to use the last Friday of each month to save my Month-End backups for ISO and legal reasons. In Veeam 11, I can only select either the First week or last week. If you use the first week, the Month-end will run between the 1st or 7th of the month. The last week processing will run between the 25th through 31st.

Can the feature, allowing me to select a specific day, be brought back in a future update of Veeam 11?

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Re: Month-End

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Hi Steve, I guess you're talking about backup copy jobs as for those we have changed the GFS mechanism to make it similar to the one used for primary backup jobs. Please note that if the weekly schedule is enabled, Veeam B&R will just use it and add a monthly flag to the weekly backup, so this allows you to control the exact day of the week when the full is created, similar to what you did in previous versions.

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