Possibility to keep HP 3par Snapshots after backup?

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Re: Possibility to keep HP 3par Snapshots after backup?

Veeam Logoby SyNtAxx » Sat Apr 01, 2017 5:57 pm

DeLiriOusNoMaD wrote:I would also like to see this feature very much. also is there any particular reason VBR doesnt leverage 3PAR RMC as it's api to perform the actual snapshots, instead of directly connecting to the array itself? HPE is advising its customers moving forward it is recommending backup vendors to use RMC instead of connecting directly to array. some backup vendors are actively using RMC to do their backups! Also if you speak with your 3PAR rep and have an active contract they'll give you the software for free. also dont see RMC currently supplanting VBR any time soon.

I was actually trying to work out something like this just yesterday. I did prove veeam could and can restore a vm via 'live restore' by a RMC 3.0 created application aware san snapshot. The snaps are visible in SAN Explorer. I was working more from the RMC side of things, looking to leverage it on some interval/schedule to create the application consistent SAN Snaps, so veeam could use them for recovery if needed at some point. Currently, the scheduling of the app/San snap would need to be done via RMC unless there is a way to make the RESTFULL API call to RMC from veeam.

The one thing I don't like about the new version of RMC, is that its an appliance that needs a dedicated esxi host(s) with direct i/o pass through. My hardware didn't supporting pass through unless running esxi 6.5. The hardware is not old by any means, HPE G8 BL460c and platimun Chassis(s). If RMC was windows install able like Recovery Manager for Vmware was it could be loaded on the proxy server already doing SAN snap mounts and be controlled from there.

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Re: Possibility to keep HP 3par Snapshots after backup?

Veeam Logoby DeLiriOusNoMaD » Sun Apr 02, 2017 1:00 am

are you able to provide a link where you found the RMC need direct i/o? Also there is an older windows based RMC, which i found to be problematic.
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