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ReFS vs XFS Repo's

Post by badabing888 »

Hi All,

Has anyone run both of these in their environment?
Curious to see how they are performing obviously this is dependent on underlying storage / disk to a point.

I'm just seeing high read latency on the ReFS Repo's (Which is unusual when it in general is more write intensive) vs XFS repo's for similar backup throughput / volume / underlying storage has anyone seen anything similar? Not an issue more an observation at this point.

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Re: ReFS vs XFS Repo's

Post by Mildur » 1 person likes this post

I don‘t have any values to compare both filesystems.
I have a customer with 20 TB FullBackup Size and Backups are running perfectly fine on XFS.

We are going forward with xfs from now on. Linux backup Repos will get the interesting immutable feature with veeam v11 too.

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Re: ReFS vs XFS Repo's

Post by ober72 »

We are using both. So far XFS is working well.
Just one thing to point out although it might be obvious, don't mix in the same scaleout XFS and REFS repositories. There are many reasons but different block size for one is an important one.

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