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Restore Entire System

Post by dukeminster1 » Nov 06, 2017 12:15 pm

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to restore our entire network as part of a disaster recovery process. I have been tasked with this to 1) Verify the integrity of our Backups and 2) Iron out any kinks in our disaster recovery process.

We purchased an ESX host, I have installed ESXi 6.5 and started up a VM with a Veeam installation. This is all separate and unconnected to our running network. Currently we backup using veeam and take an external drive off site with us every day.

I would like to restore this backup vbk file straight on to the new host however, when I go to HOME > Import Backup, browse for the backup, select the backup. It asks me for a password. None of the passwords i can think of work. I originally did this with backup encryption on, now i have turned it off and done another full active backup, but it still asks me for a password when importing the backup!

Does anyone know what password this would be asking for?


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Re: Restore Entire System

Post by foggy » Nov 10, 2017 1:12 pm

Hi Dave, basically, if I got your scenario right, the encryption password should not be prompted. You could try to follow these guidelines, should help if it is encryption-related. Any chance it is asking for a CIFS share credentials?

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