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Licensing for VeeamONE v10

Post by spfs62 »

Hello all,
is there a new licensing model for version 10?
I am upgrading from Ver 9.5 u4 and was wondering if I need a new license.

Same question applies for Veeam B&R

thanks in advance

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Re: Licensing for VeeamONE v10

Post by wishr »

Hi Steve,

Welcome to Veeam Community Forums!

The setup will allow you to download an updated license file - this applies to the whole suite. If your servers are not connected to the internet, you may download the license manually from portal.


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Re: Licensing for VeeamONE v10

Post by Vitaliy S. »

Yes, in v10 there is a new license format. If you're on active maintenance, then you can get this license automatically or manually (like wishr has described). If you're not on maintenance, then you need to contact sales for more info on the upgrade process.

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