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Guest Credentials Test (Error 12002)

Post by Didi7 » Aug 14, 2019 11:09 am

Hello everybody,

during a Guest Credentials Test I get successful RPC connect but errors during the VIX-test. I know that backup would be possible with RPC, but UAC is not enabled on the VM, so VIX should work as well. It is a Windows Server 2016 VM with VMware Tools installed.

The error we get is the following ...

Code: Select all

8/14/2019 12:38:22 PM :: Connecting to guest OS via VIX Error: Cannot connect to host [x.x.x.x] over web services. Login: [XXX@vsphere.local]. Guest Login: [DOMAINname\VBRAdmin].
Could not copy host file ...
Could not copy host file ...
Could not upload file ...
Could not write file ...
Could not receive HTTP response. System error code: 12002
Btw, x.x.x.x is the vCenter-Server address and if I use the BUILTIN Administrator account (VMname\Administrator) of the VM instead of the domain account (DOMAINname\VBRAdmin), VIX can connect!

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Re: Guest Credentials Test (Error 12002)

Post by nielsengelen » Aug 14, 2019 9:29 pm

I suggest contacting support for assistance and posting the support case id for future reference, as requested when you click New Topic.
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