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[MERGED] Identify what files were changed with CBT?

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On most of my VMs, if they have a large Incremental file size on the daily backups, I can search the VM to see files modified in the last 24 hours and account for most of the size of the .vib such as database dumps to itself or temp files with lots of churn.

I have one VM that regularly has a .vib that is 45-80 GB each day, but when I search for modified files on the VM, I can only see a few GB of changed files.

Is there any better way to find out what is changing that Veeam is backing up so I can see about excluding or changing processes? This is a test server and out of 500 servers it is number 5 in top change rate per day which shouldn't be.

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Re: Is it possible to see/analyse contents of a backup file?

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Some tips can be found in the thread above.

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