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New repository question

Post by sergeadam »

I'm about to reporpose my Unitrends applance to be a backup repositary for VEEAM!!! It will be reformated and loaded with FreeNAS.

I have 2 ESXi hosts, VEEAM is on it's own VM. I'm trying to figure out the best way to approach the repository. 3 choices:

1) Access it as a NFS share with UNC.
2) Create a NFS datastore in vSphere and add it to the VM as a letter drive
3) create a iSCSI datastore in vSphere and add it to the VM as a letter drive

I'm not moving a lot of data. I'm currently writing to another FreeNAS NFS share and the performance is OK.
Which of those solutions would be the best to implement?
And then, how do I move the existing backups to the new FreeNAS server?

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Re: New repository question

Post by DaveWatkins »

If it were me I'd use the software iSCSI initiator in the client/VM OS and present it that way. Good time to upgrade that VM to 2016 and format the new volume ReFS too so you get those benefits

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Re: New repository question

Post by foggy »

I'd also go with NTFS/ReFS formatted drive connected to Veeam B&R server over iSCSI, typically recommended approach. You can move your existing backup files to the new repository and map existing jobs to them.

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