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Req: Fail-over to image level backup when App Aware fails

Post by sabofx »

I'd like to request the option to fail-over to a crash-consistent image level backup mode in case application aware (VSS) backup fails.

When backing up an SQL 2016 Basic always-on cluster, application aware backups can only be made from the primary node. I know this is a limitation imposed by Micro$oft. But it would in some cases be useful to have the option to switch to image level backup mode for secondary database cluster nodes.

But also more in general, as @DonZoomik pointed out in a related post (veeam-backup-replication-f2/5-missing-f ... ml#p263378) :
"Is AAP/VSS is having a bad day, you could eventually just do a crash-consistent backup (VM snapshot without any integrations), it's better than nothing."
To which @Foggy replied:
"If you set AAIP to ignore failures, the job will fail over to crash-consistent backup"
However, I would still like Veeam to go through all retries and only fail-over as a last resort.

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Re: Req: Fail-over to image level backup when App Aware fail

Post by foggy »

Thanks for the request. We already have a requirement to detect and exclude databases on a secondary node from VSS processing to address this particular situation. With this, application-aware backup of the node will still be possible (no need to failover to crash-consistent).

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