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Veeam All-in-One Server Rebuild

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Hey all, I just wanted to share me disaster recovery operation of the Veeam server itself. Such a task might be required if you primary DC goes down, or your Veeam server just happens to poop the bed. In both cases Step 1-4 wouldn't be required cause it be assumed the server is inaccessible. It's also assumed you are using a backup repo location for backups and config backup to a redundant array. That can be relocated easily. That said here's what I did and what to expect:
Step 1) Verify no Jobs are actively running.

Step 2) Disable all Jobs

Step 3) Manually run configuration backup

Step 4) Stop all Veeam services

Step 5) Add new 10 Gig Disc and mount to V: on new Veeam server since this is where the vPower NFS is configured for on hold server. Not sure if this is something the configuration backup covers.

Step 6) Since all backup files are located on an iSCSI based disc (NTFS formatted), it needs to be disconnected from the current backup server and then disable all SAN/iSCSI Nics and migrate them over (with their IPs) to the new Veeam backup server. The Mgmt IP of the backup server will be new, and thus the object within firewalls, needs to be updated as well.
A) Opened Disc Mgmt, Right Click iSCSI backup repo disc, Offline
B) iSCSI initator, Select Target, disconnect (Disc will disappear)
C) Disable all iSCSI Nics, Network and Sharing, change adapter settings, right click, disable (Pings will drop, if pinging IPs from another device in subnet)

Step 7) configure stuff on new Backup server.
A) Add new Nic to New Veeam server, connecting to appropriate VMPGs, Set IP address, disabling all NetBios and other non required settings.
B) Open iSCSI iniator, and let windows enable the service for you, add target IP
C) Bring Disc Online, Mount, and verify backup data exists
D) Update any firewall objects for new MGMT IP

Step 8) Load configuration backup.
A) Complained about version mismatch
B) Update Veeam server 9U2
C) Import config, wanted to use managed server by IP, which was the old server IP
D) unchecked old Manged server, finished config import.
E) Had to remove old managed server that was added once a while back by IP
F) re-applied passwords for all saved creds
G) Had issue when attempting to run backs saying backup proxy is unavailble/offline Even though all managed servers reported UP and OK; peturarna post "I had the same issue on one of my jobs last night, a reboot of the proxy server resolved the issue." from vmware-vsphere-f24/all-backup-proxies-a ... 33423.html worked
H) after checking restore, and successful backup, I double checked the New vPowerNFS drive and the registry to find that vPower NFS is not backuped or changed via teh config backup. Whatever you sepcify at install time is what sticks. Step 5 not required, Unless used/specified at install time.

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