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veeam vs nimble

Post by robertoszym »

Hello All,
I have a problem with backing up big cluster of vm's on VMWare that are stored on Nimble in lot of vvols.
Connection to Nimble is done via FC.
I have nimble connected as storage but only think i can do is new job that will create snaps directly on his storage.
I do not have enterprise plus edition so i can not mark "integration" option

Is there any better way to backup vm's via fc than assigning 700 vvols to backup unit?

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Re: veeam vs nimble

Post by dbewernick »

Hi Robert,
since a direct backup from VVOLs and their snapshots (Direct SAN access transport mode) is not supported (vmware-vsphere-f24/support-for-vvols-t48274.html), you can achive this really good with hotadd mode and virtual proxies on the network. This might be even faster for recoveries if you would compare it to classic LUN based storage with FC connections.

A question for my personal interest: what is the reason you are using vvols in general?

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