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vPowerNFS - way to specify main interface 02007643

Post by svyatoslav.vorona » Dec 16, 2016 2:38 pm


I have a case with customer which have IR recovery failed because Veeam asked ESXi host to mount vPowerNFS datastore from wrong network. For example:

- we have mgmt and local network.
- mgtm network interfaces resolved by DNS, but local not.
- local network has direct connection to ESXi.
- mgmt network connections goes through vRouter.

Because of it Veeam asks ESXi to mount NFS datastore for IR only from mgmt interface which is not accepatble. I know it's all just network rules, but mayb there is a way to have some advanced option to specify used interface (IP) for vPowerNFS service as main one? This is what customer asked me to do, so I just leave it here at your discretion. We workarounded this issue by adding managed service with vPowerNFS by IP of local network. Case number is 02007643 which now will be closed as issue solved, but please consider it as feature request.

Thanks for attention.

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Re: vPowerNFS - way to specify main interface 02007643

Post by ferrus » Dec 19, 2016 10:23 am

We had this same issue.
We wanted Veeam traffic through one interface and vmkernel (IR) traffic going through another (via a different subnet).
ESXi would always try to connect to vPower NFS, through the wrong interface.

The advice, and eventual solution for us - was to manually create static mounts, for each vPower NFS datastore, on each ESXi server - using the Veeam vkernel IP addresses.
Here's the method:


We also had to manually add a registry key to each Veeam server. Nothing would work until it was present:

vmware-vsphere-f24/how-to-use-veeam-vpo ... ml#p177009

Code: Select all

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Veeam\Veeam NFS\Shared Folders\{488f4631-1c52-4066-80be-1632b77d4afb} (This UID key can be random)
Hope this helps.

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