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WAN Accelerator with two Sites and one Veeam Backup Installa

Post by christian.koch »

I have a question concerning the WAN Accelerator.

We have one Main-Location with esx, many VMS and a Veeam Backup Server. Everthing is backuped with Veeam locally.
In an other location, connected via VPN, we only have an esx Host with 3 virtual machines. There is no server with Veeam in this location.

If it is, how is it possible to Backup these VMs over the WAN Accelerator in the Main location?

I have to configure two WAN Acc. but where do I have to confire it, when there is no other site?

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Re: WAN Accelerator with two Sites and one Veeam Backup Inst

Post by PTide »

Hi and welcome to the community!

Unfortunately WAN accelerator can be used only with either Backup copy Jobs or with Replication Jobs. You might want to replicate the VMs locally and perform backup from replica afterwards.


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