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Re: Remote tape library. Slow performance

Veeam Logoby habibalby » Mon Jul 11, 2016 8:52 am

Hi All,

I have sort out the issue and found a gateway on the same CIFS subnet is missing on the Veeam Server. Once I added the gateway (Which is an IP of the Storage Processer on the SAN side) the speed increased from 7MB/s 13MB/s to 40+ MB/s.

Writing backup to CIFS and Backing up the Jobs to Tape from CIFS share is running at 50MB/s speed.
Writing backups to iSCSI LUNs on the Veeam Server / Tape Library server and backing up these jobs to tape is running at 80+ MB/s to 117 MB/s

Writing backups to Local Disks on the Tape Library Server and backing up these jobs to tape running at 112 MBs to 170 MB/s.

I have noticed the Hyper-v Backup to the same CIFS shares running at 300 MB/s and more.. any idea why this is difference than vSphere environment which is reaching 50 MB/s only… ??

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Re: Remote tape library. Slow performance

Veeam Logoby skrause » Wed Jul 13, 2016 6:16 pm

So I just figured out why my remote location was performing slower than my local copy and it came down to two things:

1) The remote repository source files were on a volume using Windows 2012 Deduplication and the files it was delayed by rehydrating (the local copies were not deduped.)
2) The network throttling rules actually kicked in and were limiting my bandwidth (though "Throttling" never showed up as the bottleneck, just "Proxy" or "Target").

So if you are having problems, check your throttling rules :)
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Re: Remote tape library. Slow performance

Veeam Logoby Dima P. » Fri Jul 15, 2016 5:53 pm

Hi habibalby,

Are you using software or hardware tape media encryption?
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